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requirements to create a blog

Requirements to create a Blog at Blogger

In the last article, you had broad information regarding WordPress vs. Blogger, and most probably, you have chosen Blogger, and of course, because you have clicked on this article, you will be going to know about requirements for creating a blog at Google Blogger. So to save you from doing another search, which is ‘Prerequisites for creating a blog?‘ or ‘Requirements to create a Blog at Blogger’ let me do it for you.

In this article, you will be guided step by step to understand the requirements to create a Blog at Google Blogger or say Blogspot.

So let’s not waste more time, and let’s dig!

Blogger/Blogspot a product of Google, it is a Content Management System, where you can create a blog for free.

Yes, you heard right, you can create a blog for free, sorry many blogs for free. You don’t even need to worry about for hosting (as hosted at Google) and domain (you get sub-domain domain

Let’s know what the requirements to create a Blog at Blogspot?

Requirements to create a Blog at Blogger

You know? Even a small kid can create a blog at Blogger with minimum efforts, and the reason behind it is, so fewer requirements, which are:

  1. A Gmail Account
  2. A Domain (Optional but recommended)

And trust me, there is nothing more than that. Only a Gmail account is enough as a methodology under requirements to create a Blog at Blogger.

Why do I need Gmail account for Blogger?

Well, if you have read this article carefully, I have talked about Blogspot, which is a product of Google. And as Google officially announces that to use any of their product, we can access it by one single Google Mail account, which is Gmail ID.

gmail account for all

Similarly, to access Blogger, we need to have a Gmail ID, so that we could access its features.

Why do I need Domain?

Well, when it comes to Google Blogger, then this step is entirely optional. It’s up to your choice whether you want a custom domain for your blog or not.

To make your decision a perfect sure, let me tell you something. When you create a blog at Blogger/Blogspot, then you get a sub-domain there. Suppose you have created a blog named as quencible, then the sub-domain will be

custom domain

Now if you want to continue with it, then there is no any need to buy a custom domain, else if you’re going to make it short and professional, you should buy a domain.

And the URL of your blog will be transformed from to, isn’t it cool?

Personal suggestion
It is a great thing to buy a domain because it makes domain shorter and more comfortable to remember and even creates a professional feel to the users.

So these where the only requirements to create a Blog at Google Blogger. But just in case you want to enhance your skills, please do read further.

From where should I buy the domain?

Well, there are several trusted and great domain registrars from where you can buy a domain for your blog at cheap rates.

Some of them are:

These are not in priority, but I do prefer BigRock domains, as they have excellent service at cheap rates.

Is there anything else as the topic under requirements to create a Blog at Blogspot?

Yes, there are few things, which most of the bloggers don’t give value to, but later have to face a lot.

So let’s know what they are:

  1. Blog’s Niche
  2. Blog’s Name

Hell! What? What are these terms? Like I know what Blog’s name is, but what is Blog’s Niche?

Well, don’t get angry, let me help you out.

What is Blog’s or Blogging Niche?

A straightforward definition, your favorite topic or category is your Blog’s Niche.

That means, in what so ever you are interested you will probably you are going to write on that topic. And that is what your Blog’s Niche is.

Let’s understand the whole term in deep.

If you are a good programmer and want to create a blog to teach programming, then your niche will be programming.

If you are good in news writing, then your niche will be news.

And this continues.

It is essential for you to decide your niche, as it helps to increase your ranking because you will be only posting on your niche and Google will keep you in the right category.

And deciding niche will not ever confuse you about what to post and what not to.

If you are having issues in deciding your niche, do let me know in the comment section below. I will be as happy to help, the way you get your niche.

Why is necessary to research for blog’s name?

You are just creating your blog to share your information and knowledge with the world. And another case is the name; you will get a reputation in the online world.

But the issue is, maybe your blog’s name is taken by someone else, or perhaps the domain, username, email isn’t available.

Although it doesn’t make a great sense, in reality, it does.

We all want to create a name which can be identified uniquely, and for that, we must avoid name conflicts.

And this is only possible if you do the in-depth research regarding the name.

Name conflicts may sometimes divide your visitors like if you have a blog named with ABC and someone has created ABCC so some of your visitors might get confused.

So what we are about to do? Quick bullets:

  1. Deciding Unique Name
  2. Search at Google for it
  3. Search on Social Platforms
  4. Check domain availability
  5. Check spam score

And that’s all.

Jump! And know in deep about the above points.

Deciding Unique Name:

Take a pen and paper, use your creative mind to find out some unique name. You may combine two words to get a unique one, else trying finding again and again.]

If you find any unique name, you may proceed further. For instance, “quencible” is unique for us, so we have chosen.

Google out your unique name:

Make use of Google; it will help you to figure out whether the name you have decided is unique or not? If it is unique, you won’t see any search results containing your blog’s name.

blog's unique name

Make sure; you are not just looking at the domain, look at everything, make use of CTRL + F and type your unique name, and see how many time it is found (27 times and more in our case.) And so, it is not unique anymore. By the way, if in your case it is unique, move to further steps.

Search the name at Social Platforms:

Social media platforms are the next search engines. If you are about to create your blog, most probably and you most definitely should develop accounts of your blog on different platforms.

But before you move further, make sure someone at social platforms doesn’t take your blog’s name.

Suppose if you have chosen a GreatUsernameForYourBlog, then you should search for several platforms about this username.

For instance, search on Facebook by typing, followed by your username. Example:

quencible found at fb
Follow the same for other platforms (know their rule of displaying usernames.)

If no username is available, do create your blog’s username/account/profile and move further.

Check Domain Availability:

Now head towards domain registrars as mentioned above, and search for the domain availability. Although it must be the first step, it should be checked at last.

quencible domain
If the domain is available, create an email and buy that domain (make sure you get the same email as that of your blog’s name.)

Now you are almost done. But before you buy, wait!

Check the spam score of your domain:

It may be possible the domain you are buying, have been already purchased by someone before and maybe the domain has been used with unfair means.

virus total scan results

There are several tools such as VirusTotal and SenderScore that will help you for sure.

And if everything is done, you are all good to go.

Move to the next article, where you will know how to create first Google Blogger Blog.

Hope this article was helpful, and in any step or case you are being troubled, please do let me know, in the comment section below. I’ll be too happy to help!

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