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Remove Powered by Blogger: 2 Methods (With Pictures)

If you have created your first blog at Google Blogger, most probably you have noticed an attribution written at the bottom as “Powered by Blogger”, and now you are searching for “How to remove Powered by Blogger?” isn’t it?

Well, you are not the only one person who is doing this search, several other bloggers are willing to do that but due to lack of coding (in cases) they aren’t able to.

Even if you upload custom theme too, you will still get this at the footer (in few themes it isn’t.)

But have no worries, in this article, you will know how to remove Powered by Blogger with CSS.

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Most people don’t want to remove that, while most people think that this creates some non-professional impact on their visitors.

Whereas, few people are thinking that removing this attribution will affect their site in lousy ranking.

To be honest, nothing is like that. None of the visitors will be reflected.

Steps to remove Powered by Blogger

For the permanent elimination of blogspot attribution, we have two possible and known methods.

In some cases, the method one won’t work as expected, as some themes don’t have that tag within them. But I assure you for the second one, that will work for 100%.

Now let’s know about the methods two remove Powered by Blogger:

  1. Changing the value of the attribute
  2. Introducing a new code

Method 1: Changing the value of the attribute

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Then on Theme
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Click on Jump to Widget (Above code area)
  5. Select Attribution1
  6. Now you will see code like:
  7. Just replace true with false, your code must look like:
  8. Click on Save Theme
  9. Go to Layout
  10. At layout page, you’ll see Attribution widget, click on Edit
  11. And now you will see a button Remove just click on it.
  12. You are all done.

Method 2: Introducing a new code

This method works for the about 100% of blogs; if you have issues with the first method, you can go with this method with closed eyes.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1 to 3 are the same as above
  2. Now click on the code area
  3. Press CTRL + F, this will open the search box
  4. Search for
  5. Once found, just above to body{ paste the code below:
  6. Now click on Save Theme
  7. And you are done!

Understand the methods

Method 1:

In this first method, we have just changed the value of the locked attribute to false. It simply enables the button to remove that widget (Attribute.) And if you keep it true, you won’t be able to see the Remove button under the edit widget tab.

Method 2:

In the second method, we have introduced a CSS code, which only hides the widget. #Attribution1 can be defined as an ID whose name is Attribution1. Then we have written {display: none;} which means, now don’t display the area taken by the element whose ID is Attribution1.

If you are from CSS background, then you will find this step too easy.

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And in case, if you are not from CSS background, then you don’t have to worry, because we are here to help you out.

I Hope this article was helpful to you. If you are unable to remove Powered by Blogger, so please don’t hesitate we are here to help you out. Just drop your queries (if any) into the comment section we will help you out.

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