Privacy Policy - Quencible

Below is the Privacy Policy of Quencible

Quencible truely worries for the privacy of the visitors, and in case you are having some queries regarding the privacy policy and other related terms, then you are all free to get in touch by sending an email at [email protected].

We value the privacy of our visitors the most, and we do understand how much privacy does matter.

In this privacy policy, we have drafted all the information which tells how we collect your data, and how it is used.

Log Files

Whenever you visit any site, your information is kept into one file, and that is called Log File.

The log file contains information like your IP address, information related to your browser, your internet service provider, local date and time, referring pages, and some demographic data.

Remember, we directly or indirectly don’t collect any of your data that is related to your identity.


Since we do display ads for our site to run, we collect some of your information in the form of Cookies.

Cookies are some small pieces of files that contain the user’s preferences, and some information like what sites you visit, these are some global and universal information sent by your browser, they don’t contain and credentials.

If we ask for your email and name, that is just because of some promotions and for newsletter purpose, nothing more than that.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

We user AdSense, a product of Google as a third party vendor, and it takes the use of cookies to display appropriate ads on our site.

Google uses the DART cookie, which displays ads based on the user’s interest.

You are all free to opt out from the usage of DART cookies by visiting Google ad network’s privacy policy page.

Our advertising partners may use web beacons and cookies on our site to display ads, and we officially have only one ad partner who is Google Adsense.

These ad-networks use web technologies to display graphical and textual ads on our site which can be seen in your browser.

The technology used automatically receives your IP address for the sake of a better experience to ad-publishers and our site. They may also use technologies like JavaScript, Web Beacons and Cookies (as told already.) And these are used to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize the ad experience.

We ( have no any direct or indirect access to your cookies that are used by third-party ad vendors.

For more and in-depth information regarding the ads and the data used, you should visit the official sites of the vendors to know about them. You may even opt-out through their ad practices.

We ( don’t have any access and control over cookies, and so we may not opt you out from ads, you may need to consult with these ad networks.

You are also free to disable cookies through your browser’s setting. Some significant browsers and their steps are over here.

For other browsers, you may please visit their official site and documentation section.

This privacy policy was last updated on 30th of May 2018.