Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress/Blogger (with Pictures)
open menu links in new tab

How to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress or Blogger?

Heya! How is it going? I hope you and your blog must be doing some amazing things? Isn’t it? By the way, are you having trouble to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress or Google Blogger? Is it so?

Too many questions! Well, if this is the case, then please don’t have any worries, as am going to help you out in just about 60 seconds. After you read this guide, you will be good to go to open menu links in New Tab in either WordPress or Blogspot. So let’s get started. Let’s start with WordPress first!

How to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress?

If you are using WordPress to create a menu, you would have probably chosen to create it via Appearance (since no coding is required.) Now to open links in new tab, all you need to do is below things.
  • For the very first, Go to Dashboard.
  • Click on Appearance and the Menus.
  • Now select the menu you want to modify.
  • Now in Menu Structure, select the menu you want to open in a New Tab.
  • You can notice that there is no any option to do that.
  • And for that, you need to click on the Screen Options (at top right corner) and then select Link Target checkbox.
  • Now again select the menu item to modify.
  • And you can see that a new option under menu item: Open link in a new tab.
  • Just select that checkbox, and click on Save Menu.
Hurray! It’s all over now. Now go and check from the front end whether the Menu Links are opening in a new tab or not. If not, please do let me know via comment, I will be sure to help you out. Genuine promise.
Do you have a blog on Google Blogger/Blogspot and having the same issue? Is it so? Must you be desperately waiting for your chance? Isn’t it? Again too many questions! Well, let’s dig in further to solve the same issue:

How to Open Menu Links in New Tab in Google Blogger?

You might think that doing the same with Google Blogger is quite difficult or tricky. But to be honest, it is also a sixty-second work, trust me. All you need to do is below things again:
  • For the very first, Go to Dashboard.
  • Now click on Theme.
  • And then click on Edit HTML.
  • Now click on the Code Area and press CTRL + F.
  • Now search for the any of the menu item (to find the code of your menu) and hit Enter.
  • Once you find the code it might be similar to
  • All you need to do is, add this code for every Menu Item you want to open in new tab. Add this code before menu name. In my case it will look like:
  • Now save the theme, and check from the home page.
It will work with an assurance of 100%. I promise.
In case you have trouble here too, do let me know am waiting in the comment section. Have a look: Remove Powered by Blogger: 2 Methods (With Pictures) And so again you are all done. Hope this article will help you to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress or Blogspot. The comment section below is waiting for your response. Please do let me know whether these methods are working for you or not. If not, I promise to help you out anyhow. All the very best.

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    1. @Nope : Absolutely not!

      This method is 100% working in any of the WordPress theme or Blogger Theme. Do let me know what issue you are facing.


    1. @Harry_Verma: Wow, that’s amazing!

      It is my really great pleasure to know that this article was helpful to you.


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