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open menu links in new tab

How to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress or Blogger?

Heya! How is it going? I hope you and your blog must be doing some amazing things? Isn't it? By the way, are you having trouble to Open Menu Links in New Tab in WordPress or Google Blogger?...
how to remove powered by blogger

Remove Powered by Blogger: 2 Methods (With Pictures)

If you have created your first blog at Google Blogger, most probably you have noticed an attribution written at the bottom as "Powered by Blogger", and now you are searching for "How to remove Powered by Blogger?" isn't...
change link color in blogger or wordpress-quencible

How to change link color in Blogger or WordPress

There is no any doubt that if you have a blog, most probably you will add some articles and of course some links within those articles. Let me guess one thing that you will be bored of seeing...