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facebook chat plugin in wordpress

How to add Facebook Messenger in WordPress (with Pictures)

Hey, are you going great with your blog? Are you getting too many messages in your contact form’s email and you are fed up to read them and reply? If this is the case, then most probably you would be thinking to give live chat feature (but that’s costly.) So you might be thinking to add Facebook Messenger in WordPress.

Well, let’s have a hand-shake. We both are the same. I have also installed the same Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin on our blog. You should also give it a try.

You might think that why you should add Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin on your website? Isn’t it?

Well, if this is the case then let me tell you that there are many chat plugins available on the web such as and others.

I prefer using Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin because if you have socially connected accounts, and you surf your blog’s page or your company’s FB page. You must be actively replying to the messages received.

And if you embed this plugin, then there are lot more advantages, such as replying sooner and in a better way. It’s just like surfing Facebook and nothing else.

Tawk.To has far more features which we will talk about in the upcoming tutorials. But for now, let’s talk about Facebook Chat Plugin.

So let’s get started and know:

How to add Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin in WordPress

Trust me this method and the steps below are too easy to be done. You’ll be able to embed Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. For the first, login to Facebook and head towards your FB page.
  2. Now on the page, you can see the Settings Tab, click on it.
  3. Now on the left panel, you will see Messenger Platform, click on it.
  4. For the sake of easiness, on the top, you can see Customer chat plugin click on Jump to section, else scroll down to find the same.
  5. Now click on Set Up.
  6. A new pop-up window will open, click Next.
  7. Now set the Language of the plugin (default English) and set the Greeting Message (default “Hi! How can we help you?”). Once given, please click on Next.
  8. And then you need to give the Response time (like how fast you reply), choose wisely.
  9. The next option is optional, that is Appearance: Color you want to give. You can choose any color.
  10. Click on Next.
  11. And finally, you need to provide the URLs of the websites where you want to see this plugin.
  12. The next option is optional; default case is selected which is I’ll install code myself. There is no any need to choose the second one, if required, please do.
  13. Finally, click on the code and copy it.
  14. Hit Finish.
  15. You are just 90% done.
  16. Now head towards your WordPress Dashboard.
  17. Click on Appearance, and then click on Editor.
  18. Then you need to open Header.php file (click on the right panel of files)
  19. Now click on the code area and press CTRL + F and search for <body  not for <body> . Hit enter, and just below that, paste the code you have copied from the Facebook Page.
  20. Hit Save Changes.

Congratulations you have successfully added Facebook Chat Messenger Plugin on your WordPress Site.

By the way, this was the easiest method, and in case you are having trouble to do so. Do let me know in the comments section. I’ll surely help you out to do so.

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