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What is a Blog? Difference between Website and Blog

What we'll cover?
In this article, we will talk about What is a Blog and will talk in-depth about how it differs from a website. That means we will know the difference between website and blog.

Most probably, if you have ever thought to start your website to share your desired content, you have heard a term called “Blog,” and of course many suggestions to create a Blog.

So as a little perception, you have thought to create a blog, but to be on a straight side, before you get off, you should know What a Blog is?

So in this article, I’ll be helping you to have a brief understanding of a blog, and also How a Blog differs from a Website?

So let’s get started, and all the very best!

What is a Blog?

If you remember, in the older era, we use to write our daily activities in a diary. Those activities were just some LOGs.

Now coming to the era, where we are living, we probably still write diaries or say logs.

But, everything is now digitalized, and so our logging activities too.

Now, we write our LOGs on WEB, point these two words “WEB,” “LOGS.” In short, we are writing those logs on the web, making it simpler:

Bringing a diary (log) on the internet (web) is called WeBlog.

And a short form of WeBlog is called Blog, and trust me the meaning of a Blog is what I told.

Since we are talking about modern era, we still write our activities on our blog, but about 95% people, write content which they want to share with the world.

Still having some queries? Why don’t you drop them into comments?

For the sake of, by the way, let me tell you Who can create a Blog? What can you do with a blog? Let’s know a bit in short.

Who can create a Blog? And what can we do with it?

To be straight and straightforward, anyone can create a blog. And can post any favorable content.

  • If you are good at cooking, you can create a blog for it.
  • If you are good at coding, you can create a blog for it.
  • If you are good at photography, you can create a blog for it.
  • If you are good at something, you can create a blog for it.

As simple as that!

It was a small journey, I guess! And I assure, you may be thinking, What is a Website? So why let you wait? Let’s dig deeper, and know about it.

What is a Website?

A website has a simple definition “A set of web pages is called website.

Now let’s understand these terms in deep.

If you write something on a page, it is just a page, no-offends. But when you bring that page on the internet (web) then it is called a Web Page (Internet Page.)

Now, when you create too many pages and bind them in a bundle with some interconnected links, then it is called a Website.

A website is nothing but a set of inter-related web pages.

Okay! If it is a website, and that was a blog! Then what precisely the difference between them exists?

Have no worries, let me do it for you!

What is the difference between Website and Blog?

When blogging is the concern, then the difference between website and blog is the most asked query, and you aren’t the exception. Isn’t it?

difference between website and blog
Difference between website and blog.

Am just exploring every possible point, starting with nature.

Nature of website:

The nature of a site may be found in two modes as Static/Dynamic.
You may think about these terms, like what is a Static Site and what is a Dynamic Site?

Let’s know about it:

If a site has content, that doesn’t get updated on a regular basis, then that site is said to be static, which means regular/constant/basic/static stuff. For instance, a portfolio site.

And the case of dynamic is opposite to static. If the content of a site gets updated on daily, weekly, monthly basis, then the website is dynamic. For instance, a news site.

Nature of blog:

There is no any doubt that we do daily activities and as told already, we do write content as a log, which is updated on a daily or regular basis.

Now as I just talked about regular basis, that means a blog is dynamic. As simple as that.

As the blog is just a diary, and a journal/log needs regular updates, and so as a result blog is dynamic too.

Quick Tip
To quickly capture whether you are visiting a site or a blog, just look towards its content and updates. If you get updated content on a regular basis, make it a point its a blog.

BTW, don’t worry we will talk about more points.

Now let’s talk about how do we update any blog or a site?

Content on a Website:

If you want to add some content/material/stuff/details/information on your site, you need to do that with the help of pages.

In short, to add any content, you need to create a page for that.

Content on a Blog:

Well, this is what where blog wins. If you want to add content to a blog, you can do it in two ways:

  • Add content using pages.
  • Add content using posts.

What to choose to add stuff? Well, if you want to add some static data, you may seriously go with pages. Like content for privacy policy, terms of usage and much more.

But if you want to make some updates, want to publish an article, then you should create that using posts.

Don’t you think that’s enough for us to know the difference between website and blog easily? Well, just in case you aren’t satisfied, you should read more, and now am about to talk about the structure.

Structure of a website:

The structure which a site follows for representing data to the user is Hierrarichal Order.

For instance, Home is the index page for your site, and other pages being added are sub-pages of it.

If you access About Company page within About Us page which itself is under Home, then the hierarchal structure will be kind of like this:

  • Home > About Us > About Company
    Similarly for other things,
  • Home > Contact Us
  • Home > Vital Pages > Terms of usage

And this is how website sees its data; it is just like a tree with its branches.

Structure of a blog:

Since a blog is dynamic, we do add much content on a regular basis, then where does old stuff/material/content go? Well, it goes nowhere, it stays back some pages.

The blog follows the Reverse Chronological Structure, that means the recent/latest content can be seen first, or at the top, rest will go down or back to other pages.

To make you remember, you may have seen many pages with pagination like:

  • Newer … 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ….. > Older

And so it helps you to understand a significant difference between website and blog.

Now let’s move and know further what else can be helpful for us to differentiate both terms.

So the point which I am going to talk about is Mode of Communication.

Mode of Communication on a Website:

Usually, a website grants one-way communication and two-way communication [rarely, not always possible easily.]

To explain this point, let me quote one example. If you visit any site, you probably want to connect with the site owner, so you try to communicate with them by a contact form. As because there is no alternative way is possible to interact with the owner.

So this case, where you can only interact is called one-way mode of communication.

Whereas, for a two-way mode of communication, we need to install some codes/scripts to get user’s response and can reply. Disquss and tawk.to are some small examples.

Mode of Communication on a Blog:

The blog rarely follows one-way communication, as by default we get comment system enabled on our blog so that visitors can directly interact with two-way responses.

We don’t need to add additional scripts for it, as it is already being done before.

So in short, the blog follows two way of communication to interact with visitors/users.

Hey! Every site and blog requires code to run, and so to modify anything you need to code. Isn’t it? Well, that’s not the case in both the cases, let’s know in deep.

Coding Know-how for a Website:

If you want to create a site, you must hire any professional developer for that, or you need to learn several languages to do that.

To be honest, you must at least know about 2-3 languages to create a static and good looking websites.

But must know about 5-7 languages to create a dynamic one.

In short, a website requires you to know coding, although there are now several websites builder that uses drag and drop. But for future manipulation you must need to know coding, else you will be of nowhere.

Coding Know-how for a Blog:

And this is how blog wins the discussion; a blog may be further described as a Content Management System (CMS,) which does the installation of a blog with a single click.

That only means, you don’t need to do some additional coding, there are several platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger that helps you to install any customized thing with a single click.

But remember, although we don’t need to know about code when it comes to Google Blogger, we must know some of the things regarding the code.

As to make any modification we need to jump into the code section of Blogger, and this is the most significant disadvantage of Blogger over WordPress.

Now you are good to go! You are currently eligible to start a debate regarding the difference between website and blog. But hey! You might be a little bit confused that what should you go with, a Blog or a Website? Isn’t it.

So let’s get a bit deeper and know about it, like what should we choose blog or website.

When to choose a Website?

If you are a Brand, Public Figure, Organization, Company, School, University, then you should create a website, and in case you want to update further, you can create a dynamic site and add a blog section in it.

Suppose if you got hired in any school, to create their website. Then don’t get confused what to go with, just create a site for them.

And in case they need a dynamic site, you can create that with the help of WordPress, of course, it is a blogging platform, but on the other hand, it is CMS too, and that does permit to create websites.

What are the requirements to create a Website?

To be honest and straightforward, you must at least have two things:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  • A domain is a web address, through which anyone can find your site on the web, it is just an online address, it looks like www.hyphenible.com, or www.example.com or something else.

You need to buy it from domain registrars like GoDaddy or Bigrock. Both are good, and I prefer Bigrock the most.

  • Hosting, it is just like online storage where you can store the content of your site. In short, you host your website through hosting.

You may remember hosting as an online memory card or file manager, which helps to modify your whole site, create custom emails, install themes, plugins, make redirection, etc.

What are the requirements to create a Blog?

For a blog, both the things, i.e., Domain and Hosting are optional. You don’t need them in starting, as you will get free hosting (limited at WordPress.com and unlimited at Blogger) and free sub-domain (.wordpress or .blogspot at the end) like quencible.wordpress.com or quencible.blogspot.com, etc.

But if you want to take blogging seriously, you must at least have a domain, so that it will represent some authenticity and is suitable for ranking too.

And when it comes to hosting, then you may live on the free hosting of Google Blogger and limited hosting of WordPress.com, or you may buy hosting to remove the limitation of WordPress.com that is if you want to create a blog at WordPress.org you need a hosting.

Don’t worry; I will tell you in depth regarding WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org. In the future lectures.

And also, will tell you about how to finally setup everything, just don’t worry at all.

Last but of course not the least, you must have some time and interest, as without that you won’t be able to create good ranking on Google. You need to come up with great and unique content regularly.

Hey! The article is over, and you are now even more eligible to debate on the difference between website and blog.

It is entirely up to you, like with what you should go with, a website or a blog. First, analyze the kind of site and then select the blogging path or web development part.

For now, if you still have some doubts or want to clear some, you are free to drop them into the comment section below. We will feel great pleasure to give you a reply as soon as possible.

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Hey there! It's Aviral. Am a tech-savvy who loves technology and programming. And this has resulted in making me an Android App Developer and a Website Developer.

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      As a conclusion, you can start with Blogging, and can switch to website later. By the way, it is completely up to you, whether you want to share your knowledge through blog or website.

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