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21 Best WordPress Plugins that every Blog must have!

When it comes to blogging, undoubtedly there is no any doubt that Google Blogger and WordPress are the most recommended platforms for all the newbies as well as for the professionals. But if you have a blog at WordPress, then you must be desperately searching for Best WordPress Plugins; Because you want to bring the best experience to your visitors.

Have a look: What is a Blog? Difference between Website and Blog

As with the help of plugins, we can add as many features as we want. For instance, a plugin for Top Posts, Subscription Letter, ShortCodes and much more are available.

You might say:

The customization is possible in Google Blogger too. Isn’t it?

You are 100% right, but in Blogger you need to do everything with vast lines of codes. And if in case you don’t know how to code, then this will be a burned toast for you.

The WordPress made this thing easy like 1, 2, 3 because you can do anything with a single click, as because Plugins are there for you.

But before knowing about the best plugins for WordPress, let’s understand what exactly a Plugin is.

Don’t worry, am not going to tell the procedure here because that is an entirely different topic. We will focus on best WordPress plugins only, not on How to install plugins.

Now as you know What Plugin is, and how to install it (just a view). Now let’s move forward and know:

21 Best WordPress Plugins

So here we go with our Top 30 lists of must have and best WordPress plugins. I have not written in a category but have prioritized in sequential order.
So now let’s don’t waste time and move on.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. 301 Redirect
  3. All 404 Redirect to Homepage
  4. Google Analytics
  5. WP Fastest Cache/Autoptimize
  6. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
  7. A3 Lazy Load
  8. Updraft Plus
  9. Ads Manager
  10. Adsense Invalid Click Protector
  11. Loginizer
  12. Wordfence Security
  13. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  14. WPS Hide Login
  15. Really Simple SSL
  16. Contact Form 7
  17. Really Simple CAPTCHA
  18. WP Socializer
  19. Shortcodes Ultimate
  20. Better Click To Tweet
  21. NextScripts

So now let’s know about these plugins, why they are used and why they should be used.

1: Yoast SEO

If you ask for best WordPress plugins for SEO, most definitely you will find this plugin at the top. As it correctly handles the SEO of the site. It will surely help you to rank up in Google Search results if you follow the rules given by Yoast SEO sincerely.

Having a good site with good content will most probably not work unless and until you focus on the SEO of your website. Because you will only get the real traffic through search engines like Google, Bing and many more.

And so to get on the search results you need to focus on the things they are asking, and that is SEO.

The Yoast SEO is a free and paid plugin that you can use. If you want more features: Multiple target keywords and automatic redirections, you may go with Pro version. Else the basic version will also work like a charm.

This plugin as features like Twitter Post Preview and Facebook Post Preview, which will help you to handle your post on social platforms.

You can download Yoast SEO plugin from Yoast.com or from WordPress.org.

2: Redirection

Do you know? If you modify the slug (URL) of your blog post, its ranking may be slain? The only possible way to keep it safe is to make a redirection from old URL to new one.

So this plugin helps you in gaining the redirects of any URL permanently. Mostly used in cases, when you have changed the URL of the article, or have deleted that. It is in the top of best WordPress plugins for redirection.

Suppose you have written an article like quencible.com/how-to-earn-money-online and later you have changed the URL to quencible.com/earn-money-online.

But you got to know that the first link is still getting the good traffic, while the newest link is not that popular.

So to tell search engines that you have moved the URL to a new location which will be redirected by the old one.

This will create better impacts on SEO as this will help you in not losing the ranking.

You can install Redirection plugin from the dashboard, or from WordPress.org.

3: All 404 Redirect to Homepage

No one likes to see 404 page, not even search engines. Just in case they found too many 404 pages, they will surely rank your site down, and probably you don’t want that.

So here comes this plugin which helps search engines telling to know that the content is no more available and ignore the error page by redirecting it to the homepage.

You might already know that Google or other search engines pay more attention towards the content and errors. And if in case the site is lacking the substance and if the content’s link is deleted or the URL is mistyped. Then you may face 404 error.

Now you might be thinking that you can do 301 redirects to homepage just if in cases someone gets broken the link?

Well, don’t think that. As this is a bad habit of any SEO, if you redirect any 404 page with a 301 redirect (permanent redirect), then this will create a negative impact on your site.

As because the link will tell Google; Hey Google, this error page is wholly moved to the newer page. (And the further page will be the next victim.)

So doing 404 redirects to any page will work best, as the search engine will think that this is a broken link, and will deal in a different way.

This plugin even has a feature to add 301 redirects. You are all great to go with All 404 Redirect to Homepage Plugin.

You can download and install All 404 Redirect to Homepage plugin from dashboard.

4: Google Analytics (GADWP)

Whatever you do, you must know your audience. And this is what this plugin will help you.
Google Analytics by ExactMetrics is a plugin used for getting the accurate and most recent analytics of the traffic coming to your site.

It gives graphical and analytical statistic of the current and older traffic with the source.

If you have a good site, good ranking, and useful content; that’s great! But to check the new or live analytics, you need to login to Google Analytics again and again.

But what if I tell you that you directly see the live status of all the traffic coming on your site on your dashboard?

Well, you can do that quickly with this plugin. It is widely used and is appreciated in the list of best WordPress plugins.

5: WP Fastest Cache/Autoptimize

Both the plugins are different plugins but have somehow the same working. These are the plugins which will create a Cache data of your site for a limited (desired) period. So that next user visit will give a user a faster experience.

You might already know that the site speed is another ranking factor for Google now.

If your site loads slow, then for each second you are losing 10% of your visitors.

And for the solution, comes the Cache. Now:

What is a Cache?
As well explained by Wikipedia:

A web cache (or HTTP cache) is information technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce server lag.

And for caching the plugins like WP Fastest Cache or Autopitimze will help you in caching your whole or selected site.

These plugins also do help in minifying HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the sake of serving better and faster user experience.

We use and prefer Autoptimize because it works best for us, it is lightweight and with clear instructions.

These plugins are freely available, both plugins have pro versions too, in case you want more features you should go with pro versions.

6: Smush Image Compression and Optimization

If you are a blogger, no doubt that you will use images in your blog post. But do you know using too many pictures increases the page size which is not suitable for SEO?

Well, don’t worry, this plugin is for you as it is used for compressing the uploaded image on the site with little loss in quality so that the page loading speed will improve.

You might already know that the images play a vital role in every article. But if the image won’t open or takes too much of time, then this will inevitably decrease the ranking, as users will not again visit the site.
So compressing the image will be a great idea.

This plugin genuinely takes pleasant place on the list of best WordPress plugins, because it does what it says.

Although free version is limited, you may need to buy the pro version for a lot of images to be compressed.

7: A3 Lazy Load

If you have too many images or even a single image, and the user isn’t interacting with that image; then you may also think that there is no any need to load that image.

Well exactly, if you aren’t interacting with the image, there is no need to load. And this is what this plugin does.

A3 Lazy Load only loads the image/video/iframe if and only if the user is nearby the viewport or near the image.

And this is how this plugin helps to improve user experience and decrease the load time of the site.

And that’s the reason we have given a place to this plugin under best WordPress plugins that you must have.

You can download this plugin from WordPress.org or may directly install through a dashboard.

8: UpdraftPlus

You are running a great site, having high content and traffic too. Once you tried to do some experiment, or you have installed a new theme and imported the dummy data.

Now you might know some themes completely remove older data to import dummy data. And so your content will be too removed.


Don’t worry, you can and should take the backup of all the data available on your site, just in case you ever have faced any issues then you have the backup to re-import every lost content.

UpdraftPlus takes the regular backup of all your WordPress data and saves on your desired location.

You can even save on Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox even on Amazon AWS. This plugin is amazing.

9: Advanced Ads

If you have a blog, most definitely you will be willing to earn money. And no doubt that most of the people prefer is: AdSense (Ad-network platform by Google)

We all do create ads and put into our blog, sometimes we do a rotation of ads, but that is a too complicated process to do again and again.

But here comes the plugin Advanced Ads, which helps you to make more money through ads.

Why? Because, this plugin helps to rotate ads, set expiry date of an advertisement, automatically insert ads nearby post. Everything will be done automatically.

If you are serving an ad, you must have this plugin; this is amazing and lightweight plugin to go.

10: AdSense Invalid Click Protector

Okay, if you have ads on your blog. Most probably you will be getting some clicks. But genuine clicks are not always promised. There may be some people who try to bring down your ads but making false click on ads.

But we again have a solution for that. AdSense Invalid Click Protector helps you to have an evil-eye on those click bombers. You can quickly get them, block them and can stop displaying ads to them.

You can set click limit, i.e., if the threshold is exceeded, please block that person who is trying to make a false click.

And this is how you can save your AdSense account from getting suspended.

If you want some best WordPress plugins, then this plugin should always be on that list.

11: Loginizer

When it comes to online working, we are always afraid of hackers and hacking.
And our blog isn’t much-secured platform unless and until you take actions.

Loginizer is a plugin which helps you to stop Bruteforce Attacks, it enables a secured layer and limits the login attempts.

Suppose you have set the login limit to 3, and if someone is trying to make illegal login attempts, then after three attempts, the hacker won’t be able to log in.

Even you can set some time limit for which the lockout will take place, and the hacker won’t be able to log in for given time duration.

You can even blacklist and whitelist IPs for login purpose. If you know someone who can hack, just go and blacklist his/her IP.

To be honest, if you search on Google for best WordPress plugins for Security, you will definitely get this plugin at the very beginning.

A lot more feature are included in this plugin, you should always have this plugin installed on your site.

12: Wordfence Security

We all are always concerned about our Laptops/PCs/Mobiles regarding virus and thefts. But why not with a blog? Yes, even a blog can have a virus.

If you have mistakenly installed any plugin or theme or file, then there may be some chances that those files do have a virus, and it will spread like air.

And so, as a solution, we have WordFence Security plugin, which will scan your whole site on a regular basis, and lets you inform about concerning areas.

You will have a firewall installed that keeps your site on a safer site. This plugin will check for security holes and tells feasible solutions if any.

13: iThemes Security

According to a survey, about 30,000 sites are being hacked daily. They get hacked due to some virus attacks, or due to some security holes, or due to some technical vulnerabilities.

Now if this happens with you, you will be left with nothing. But here is a hope which is called iThemes Security. It helps you to notify you about security holes, weak passcodes and much more.

There are about 30+ methods available in this plugin to make your site more and more secure.

This plugin is available on WordPress.org, or you can directly install from the dashboard.

14: WPS Hide Login

Most of the hackers first try to know the source of the site, i.e., login source. And then they start their hacking procedures.

But what if they won’t be able to point out the login page? Well, that’s possible with WPS Hide Login plugin.

It simply creates a random URL and replaces wp-login.php or admin.php.

The wp-login.php and admin.php won’t be accessible, and this helps to add more security layer on the top.

It is the most lightweight plugin and can be downloaded from WordPress.org or directly from the dashboard.

You should bookmark the given URL as it will be completely random so probably you won’t be able to remember that.

15: Really Simple SSL

Well, this plugin is optional but is useful if you want to add SSL certificate on your site.

SSL (https) is a Secured Socket Layer which creates better reputation among users and search engines.

If you have SSL enabled, then it is entirely a great practice to install this plugin for a better experience.

Most of the hosting sites give free SSL certificate along with their hosting plan, and you may need this plugin to install SSL on your site.

You can download this plugin from WordPress.org or even from the dashboard.

16: Contact Form 7

A blog isn’t complete unless and until it has a Contact Us page, and guess what? You need a Contact Form within on that page. So for that, you either need to do some coding or just use this plugin.

Contact Form 7 is a plugin which helps to create a Contact Form with AJAX, Captcha and Akismet support.

It is the most trusted contact form plugin used by 5+ million websites.

You can use this plugin to create and beautify default forms.

You can download this plugin from WordPress.org or directly from the dashboard.

17: Really Simple CAPTCHA

Are you fed up with too many spams? Are you getting too many emails into your inbox? Well, this is the case with many bloggers. They do get too many email and spam messages from bots.

There is no any option to stop it automatically unless you take any step.

Really Simple CAPTCHA is a plugin which creates and embeds CAPTCHA near the forms and in the places you want.

The plugin is primarily developed to be used with Contact Form 7 for a better experience. But can be used with any other plugin too.

You can use this plugin to stop spam emails and messages.

18: WP Socializer

No doubt that Social Medias are playing a too vital role in the traffic. On the other side, no one likes to copy the URL and then share it on the platform.

So for the sake of the betterment, this plugin is developed.

With this plugin, you can add Click to share buttons of about 40+ social sites.

Not only this, with WP Socializer you can insert horizontal or vertical share buttons, you can add floating pins and so on.

Things don’t end up here; you will even have a feature to convert desktop share buttons to mobile.

You can download this plugin either from WordPress.org or can install it from dashboard itself.

19: Shortcodes Ultimate

And here comes our most lovable plugin, Shortcodes Ultimate.

Why do we love it? Because, it is too light, to fast and too great.

With this plugin, you can add shortcodes of various things, such as icons, service icons, tabs, buttons, highlighters and much more.

We prefer this plugin to be installed on every blog, and we secretly think that this plugin should take 1st place in the list of best WordPress plugins.

You should go with this plugin once; it has lot more features such as the live preview of the shortcode, even the shortcodes are too easy to remember.

You should give a try to this plugin which is freely available from the dashboard and WordPress.org

20: Better Click To Tweet

If you do love Twitter, you will love this plugin.

Better Click To Tweet is in best WordPress plugins of all time to embed your desired text within your article and let the user be free to share it through their tweets.

This plugin is too lightweight and to easy to use. You can remove “Shared Via” even you can customize it in your way, only possible if you know CSS.

Else we are here to help you out.

21: NextScripts

As told you already and you already know; Social Platforms plays a vital role in generating traffic.

But again you need to share things, suppose you have written an article, and now you need to share it with the public, what will you do? Of course, you will copy the URL and then share on every platform. But this is a too lengthy task for multiple posts.

And here comes the solution for this, NextScripts is a plugin that automatically shares the link with your desired text on many social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn, ok.ru, LiveJournal and so on.)

This plugin is easy to customize and lot more features are embedded which you should try.

And finally, the list ends up here, hope you must have got great and best WordPress plugins here.

Just in case, you have some more efficient, working and best WordPress plugins, you should tell us. And we promise to add them into this post.

And in case, if you have some queries regarding WordPress plugins or above-listed plugins, please do let me know. I will help you out for sure.

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About the Author: Sneha Tiwari

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    1. @Mark_Henry : Appreciated!

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